Our Roots

In 2007 Before their first child was born David and Ashleigh took a trip to Alaska.  It was on this trip that they discovered luxury bath products, including bath bombs.  David took up making these products as a hobby. In 2013 George, their first son was born.  George had eczema, they tried everything including steroidal oils, but nothing seemed to work.

David had been working on a new project and had created a thick body butter that was almost a salve, they decided to try it on George’s eczema.  Within one week there was a marked improvement and within a month it was gone.  It was the success of the Body Butter aka “The George” that convinced them to attend the farmers market in 2014.

Farmers Markets to Brick and Mortar

Building on the success of "The George" body butter at fighting eczema,  we decided to try out our ideas at the Salt Lake Down Town Farmers Market summer of 2014.  From the beginning we wanted to be different, so we focused on creating unique therapeutic baths.  

We had such a warm response from our guests at the farmers market that we decided to open our first brick and mortar store September 2014 at Historic Trolley Square.    Building on this success we opened our second store October 2015 at Layton Hills Mall.  

Grocery stores

Our Mission

Cosset's purpose is to relieve life's stress through therapeutic experiences.

We began setting up grocery store carts in June of 2017 with Macey's in Murray.  Today Cosset has hundreds of locations with Associated foods, Kroger and other grocers. It is our goal to bring therapeutic baths to everyone across the USA and beyond.