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Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On - Essentials By Cosset

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It calms, it heals, and does just about anything except make coffee (although it has been used in tea). If you haven't figured it out, we're talking about Lavender Essential Oil! We love the Lavender we use in our products so much that we decided to create a whole line featuring these oils called Essentials By Cosset. Essentials By Cosset - Lavender features a clear glass container with a sprig of lavender for a beautiful presentation and a wonderful blend of premium essential oil mixed with perfumers alcohol to make it safe for human skin contact. The matte black display case will look great on your nightstand or dresser and the pleasant Lavender aroma will help you relax any time of the day.

Customer Reviews

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Great for anxiety

I suffer from chronic anxiety. I will also add I am not fond of lavender but I’ve heard it does wonders so we bought this. I applied it immediately and I will say I got so relaxed I could have fallen asleep. This has been a life saver

Amanda Martin
Did Someone Say Lavender?!

Do not use if you are sensitive to lavender or if you do not like the scent. It is very potent.

That being said, lavender has always worked wonders for me. I mostly use it for high stressful situations, but it’s also been great for me to use at night to help lull me to sleep. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this product. 💜

Qedrin Booth
A must have!

We were in SLC, Utah for a wedding and had just landed that day. On our way to Trolley Square in a rental car we got rear ended while at a stop light. Luckily no one was injured, but my son was quite shook up as this was his first and hopefully last car accident. As we were checking out I grabbed this. When we left I opened it and had him smell it and I rubbed some on his temples and he was immediately calmed. Once my husband got a hold of it I haven’t gotten it back! I need to order more.