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#StressLess Gift Box

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The #StressLess Gift Box represents what we create for your needs. Cosset's purpose is to help relieve life's stress through therapeutic experiences. In this box, you have a unique assortment of our Therapy Bombs®. Each bath bomb is hand-made with the same five, food-grade ingredients: Salt from the Great Salt Lake, locally sourced safflower oil, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate for the fizz, and pure cane sugar to bind it all together. In addition to that, we add 40 drops of essential oils with a little bit of love.

BREATHE Pure EO Therapy Bomb: will open airways and is helpful in killing bacteria. Including drops of Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils, this bomb is the perfect remedy for a stuffy nose, congestion, and achy muscles.

DOWN TO EARTH Milk Therapy Bomb: is not only a great detoxifier but beneficial for muscle aches. We include Vetiver Oil for its grounding effects. This oil has been known to calm anger and irritability.

DETOX Pure EO Bubble Therapy Bomb: is our Apple Cider Vinegar Bath, which is a natural detoxifier. It soothes muscle aches brought on by physical exertion. This is the bath of choice for those with candida issues that affect the skin.

CLEOPATRA Milk Therapy Bomb: is a milk and honey bath that will moisturize, remove dead skin cells. unclog pores, and reveal a more radiant complexion. Surround yourself in splendor and luxury while softening your skin.

BEDTIME Pure EO Therapy Bomb: is comprised of Chamomile which remedies insomnia, headaches, and muscle aches. Lavender calms and induces sleep. This natural botanical bomb is the perfect soak before bed.

MIDNIGHT OASIS cold process palm free soap: Buttery shea with oak moss and Aloe top notes, light floral undertones and activated charcoal.

BLUEBERRY cold process palm free soap: Sweet smells of blueberry with Sea Salt and Ground Oatmeal to help exfoliate the skin.

BATH BAG: Avoid Cleaning. Think of these as a tea bag for our Botanical Therapy Bombs. These are reusable; turn inside out, rinse and dry for next use.

Therapy Bomb Directions: Fill the tub with warm or hot water. Drop-in a Therapy Bomb and watch it dissolve. It will sink because it is made with Salt from the Great Salt Lake. Be sure to use the reusable Bath Bag if the bomb contains botanicals. For full therapeutic benefit, soak for at least 20 min and drink a lot of water.

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#StressLess Gift Box