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How To Use Cosset Bubble Magic

If you have a tube of Cosset Bubble Magic (formerly known as Bath Magic) in your hands, congratulations! This wonderful blend of Great Salt Lake Salt and sulfate-free, coconut derived bubbles is AMAZING. If you're wondering how to use it, you've come to the right place.

As A Bubble Bath

Step 1: Draw a warm bath.

Step 2: As the bath begins to fill up, remove the lid of your Bubble Magic and take a smell of the specially designed essential oil blend.

Step 3* (This is where the magic happens and the fun begins!): Slowly tap or gently squeeze the tube to sprinkle the Bubble Magic into the tub, right underneath the water spout. The harder the water comes out, the more bubbles you will get.

Step 4: Agitate the water and powder under the faucet to create even more bubbles.

Step 5: Turn off the faucet, get your beverage of choice, a good book or show, maybe some music and candles, and carefully step into the tub for an enjoyable soak!

As A Body Scrub

Step 1: Grab your Cosset brand loofah.

Step 2: Wet your loofah.

Step 3: Sprinkle some of your Bubble Magic onto the loofah and lather.

Step 4:Gently rub the loofah and Bubble Magic over your skin and enjoy the amazing Solar Salt and fragrant Essential Oil blend!

That's it! Use as much or as little of the Bath Magic as you would like. Or if you have one of our Therapy Bombs or Marbles, you can sprinkle it in as well to add a little more fun. The more you use, the more bubbles you get!

*Sometimes we get a little excited during production and pack the Magic in tight. If that happens, carefully roll the tube between your hands to loosen it before sprinkling it into the tub.