You Won My Heart (Stressless Kit)
You Won My Heart (Stressless Kit)
You Won My Heart (Stressless Kit)

You Won My Heart (Stressless Kit)

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Cosset's purpose is to help relieve life's stress through therapeutic experiences.  In this box you have a unique assortment of our Therapy Bombs.  Each bath bomb is hand-made with the same five, food grade ingredients:  Salt from the Great Salt Lake, locally sourced Safflower oil, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate for the fizz, and pure cane sugar to bind it all together.  In addition to that, we add 40 drops of essential oils with a little bit of love.  

SOME LIKE IT HOT: Libido Enhancer

HIBISCUS PASSION: Uplifting Moisturizing Bubble Bath

SWEET KISSES: Love Message Inside

BEDTIME THERAPY BOMB: Packed full of Lavender and Camomile Buds.

MOODY BLUES: Uplifting Milk Bath with Mood Ring inside.

BLOSSOM BALL SOAP:   Cosset's soaps are round because it is natural and easy to hold.  Without sharp edges, it can massage your muscles while lathering.  There are no detergents or preservatives in any of our nine ball soap variations.

REUSABLE BATH TEA BAG:  Perfect to keep those messy Therapy Bombs contained. Please remember to cosset the earth and reuse this bag.

Directions:  Fill tub with warn or hot water. Drop in a Therapy Bomb. (Be sure to use the Re-usable Bath Tea Bag if it is botanical-heavy) for full therapeutic benefit, soak for at least 20 min