Resolutions Gift set
Resolutions Gift set
Resolutions Gift set

Resolutions Gift set

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With a new year comes new resolutions.  Let our Resolutions gift set help your body to heal this year.
Seaweed -Japanese Nori Seaweed and Hawaiian Spirulina are great for sore and stiff joints.  Massage seaweed into stiff joints.
Melrose- The wonder oil Melaleuca, or Tea Tree is amazing for your skin
Seaside- Uplifting hydrogen and a fun color change keep us energized.
Apocalypse  Soap -  Cosset soaps are easy to hold and great for massage.  Peppermint, Vanillin, and Rosemary essential oil will massage away your aches.
Marjoram - Spanish Marjoram is a warming oil.  Drink lots of water and maybe drop the water temperature 1 or 2 degrees.
Let it Flow- Ginger and cinnamon will help you to sweat out the toxins.
Loofah - The custom Cosset ribbon retains extra water to intensify and thicken the lather or your soap.

Cosset's Purpose is to relieve life's stress through therapeutic experiences.