My Favorite Things

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This holiday we want to share our favorite creations with you.
Peppermint Swirl is our 100% natural essential oil blend.  It is an invigorating blend of Cornmint and Peppermint essential oils.  To smooth it out, we add Vanillin; it has such a sweet sultry scent.  This is an online exclusive gift set and includes:  
Our Peppermint swirl lotion and scrub (not yet available in stores).  Peppermint Swirl lip balm. 
Two of our favorite holiday Therapy Bomb's
TM, Ever Green reminds us of a magical winter wonderland and Candycane featuring a candy cane soap. 

Ever Green is a great way to make your artificial tree smell real. We hope you enjoy using the included Cosset bath bag to hang your Ever Green bomb on your tree until you are ready to use it.

Bubble bath's are one of our favorite things, and we hope you love the Breathe Bath Magic we included.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we couldn't make a favorite things gift box without "The George" Body Butter.  If you have damaged skin, this is the stuff!  Our customers swear by it.  

These boxes are limited edition, so get them before they go.  

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