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Hugs & Kisses (Gift Set)

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Give Hugs & Kisses to your little ones this year! This gift is a safe and healthy choice for kids mainly because our Therapy Bombs® are made with natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. They do not contain any harmful ingredients that cause irritation or infections (no parabens, sulfates or preservatives). Share Hugs & Kisses freely without any worry for your kiddos and let them have all the love and fun they deserve!

Gift Set Contains (from top left by row):

MOODY BLUES milk bath bomb: Grapefruit / Mood Enhancer / Softening / Antioxidant / Mood Ring Inside

SUDS OF FUN bubble bath bomb: Moisturizing / Toy Surprise Inside

KALAHARI MELON bubble bath bomb: Lemon / Energizing / Stimulating

TRANQUILITY bubble bath bomb:  Calming / Moisturizing / Serenity

JUDY bubble bath bomb: Comforting / Relaxing / Calming

HIBISCUS PASSION bubble bath bomb: Ylang Ylang / Aphrodisiac / Mood Enhancer

SWEET KISSES bubble bath bomb: Uplifting / Detoxifying / Inspiring Quote Inside 

BATH BAG: Use this to contain Moody's mood ring or the toy in Suds Of Fun OR drop in a bubble bomb and tie it on the faucet for MAXIMUM BUBBLES! Plus, they're reusable; turn inside out, rinse and dry for next use.

Therapy Bomb Directions:  Fill tub with warm or hot water. Drop in a Therapy Bomb and watch it dissolve. It will sink because it is made with Salt from the Great Salt Lake. Be sure to use the reusable Bath Bag if the bomb contains botanicals. For full therapeutic benefit, soak for at least 20 min and drink a lot of water.

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Customer Reviews

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Luella Rucker
Hugs n Kisses

I love everything I buy from you

Mark Hollingshead
it worked

My wife loved the Hugs and Kisses Valentine gift set and I in turn was given hugs and kisses. thanks.