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Heal Your Body (Stressless Gift Set)

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HEAL YOUR BODY is a perfect gift for the person that lives life to the fullest. This is the gift to relieve sore muscles, take a moment to relax and heal. The products in this gift set are made to help with muscle aches and pains, sleep, and to relieve a little stress. The Heal Your Body product comes in a cool reusable box. Tucked inside is a Gift Tag that we have provided for you to write a special message.

Gift Set Contains:

APOCALYPSE therapy bomb: Rosemary & Cornmint / Muscle Recovery / Increase Circulation / Detoxifier

BREATHE botanical therapy bomb: Eucalyptus & Cornmint / Respiration / Detoxifier / Muscle Recovery

CANDY CANE milk therapy bomb: Peppermint & Cornmint / Energizing / Stimulating / Softening

OASIS botanical therapy bomb: Ground Ginger Powder, Lemon & Cornflower Petals / Anti-inflammatory / Mood Enhancer / Energizing

SEAWEED botanical therapy bomb: Bergamot, Grapefruit, & Guaiacwood / Hawaiian Spirulina & Nori Seaweed / Detoxifier / Anti-Inflammatory / Increase Circulation

STING bubble therapy bomb: Rosemary, Cornmint, Frankincense & Myrrh / Muscle Recovery / Anti-Inflammatory / De-stress

TONING botanical therapy bomb: Pink Himalayan Salt, Lavender, Lemongrass & Grapefruit / Anti-inflammatory / Increase Circulation / Calming

BATH BAG: Use this to contain botanicals for easy clean-up OR drop in a bubble bomb and tie it on the faucet for MAXIMUM BUBBLES! Plus, they're reusable; turn inside out, rinse and dry for next use.

Therapy Bomb directions: Fill the tub with warm or hot water. Drop-in a Therapy Bomb and watch it dissolve. It will sink because it is made with Salt from the Great Salt Lake. For full therapeutic benefit, soak for at least 20 min and drink a lot of water.

*Product variants subject to change if inventory is out of listed Product.

Customer Reviews

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Love it so far!

Ryan Swanson


Healing Magic

I sent this to my friend for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! She said the scents are incredible and they really helped her with stress and pain relief. She liked how it came with descriptions of each bath bomb and how they help your body. If your looking for a great gift or to treat yourself, this is the perfect set to buy