Bridal Bliss
Bridal Bliss

Bridal Bliss

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BRIDAL BLISS Give the bride the therapy she needs for before and after her big day. 

Gift Set Contains:

* 2 Therapy Bath Bombs for Pre-Wedding Stress (no Bridezilla).

LET IT GO therapy bomb: Energy Cleansing/  Realign  Chakras  /  Ground Black  Tourmaline  Crystals 

MOODY BLUES milk bath: Mood Enhancer /  Moisturizing  Mood Ring Inside

* 1 Therapy Bomb for the Day Before the Big Event to Tighten and Tone the Skin, and even Relieve some Anxiety.

TONING pure EO therapy bomb: Lavender, Lemongrass & Pink Grapefruit EO / Pink Himalayan Salt / Increases Circulation & Mood / Break up Fat Cells / Toning / Detoxifying /  Moisturizing  / Calming

* 3 Therapy Bombs to Celebrate the Newly Wedded Bliss.

SWEET KISSES bubble bomb: Uplifting / Detoxifying / Inspiring Quote Inside

HIBISCUS PASSION bubble bomb: Sensual / Relaxing / Moisturizing 

SOME LIKE IT HOT bubble bomb: Libido Enhancer  / Aphrodisiac / Love Potion

1  Chocolate / Coconut Massage Cream for those long relaxing days and nights.

THE GEORGE” Body Butter: We have included the best of Mother Nature in this 100% natural body butter. No preservatives, colors, dyes, or fragrance are added; only the best ingredients that will moisturize and nourish. We start with natural butters; cocoa, shea, mango, and kokum to lock in moisture and soften your skin. Next, we add beneficial oils such as, avocado, organic extra virgin coconut, and macadamia to heal and protect your skin. Directions: Take a tiny amount of Cosset’s luxuriant all-natural body butter and rub it into your skin in a circular pattern. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate while Mother Nature’s moisturizers penetrate deep to heal and repair your skin. 

BATH BAG: Avoid cleaning. Think of these as a tea bag for our Botanical Therapy Bombs. These are reusable; turn inside out, rinse and dry for next use. 

Directions:Fill tub with warm or hot water. Drop in a Therapy Bomb and watch it dissolve. It will sink because it is made with Salt from the Great Salt Lake. Be sure to use the reusable Bath Bag if the bomb contains botanicals. For full therapeutic benefit, soak for at least 20 min and drink a lot of water. 

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