Winter StressLess

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Tis the season to stress out.  It happens to the best of us.  This holiday combat the stress with Cosset's limited edition Holiday Stressless Kit.
Bedtime Bath -Egyptian Chamomile relieves insomnia headaches, while Lavender calms and induces sleep.  Includes Cosset's new Bath Tea Bag
Candy Cane- Cornmint essential oil high in menthol (Cooling) and Vanillin.  100% Natural Essential oil Blend is energizing.
Ever Green - Contains Cedar Leaf, Cedar wood, and Fir Needle Essential oils.  This will make your home smell like a winter forrest.
Blossom Soap -  Cosset soaps are easy to hold and great for massage.  Rose, Jasmine and Eucalyptus Essential Fragrance blend.
O' TannenBOMB - This Therapy Bomb TM reminds us of our most favorite childhood holiday.  Contains Cedar Leaf, Cedar wood, Fir needle, Balsam, Lime, Orange, and Patchouli Essential Oils.
Winona - Is our mulled wine inspired Therapy Bomb TM.  Give autumn a nice, warm welcome and prepare to engulf your body in luxury with Cinnamon and Star Anise.
Loofah - The custom Cosset ribbon retains extra water to intensify and thicken the lather or your soap.

Cosset's Purpose is to relieve life's stress through therapeutic exper

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