StressLess Gift Box - Customize $45 (6 bombs/soap, 1 loofah, 1 bath bag)

$ 45 $ 48

Cosset's purpose is to help relieve life's stress through therapeutic experiences.  In this box you have a unique assortment of our Therapy Bombs.  Each bath bomb is hand-made with the same five, food grade ingredients:  Salt from the Great Salt Lake, locally sourced Safflower oil, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate for the fizz, and pure cane sugar to bind it all together.  In addition to that, we add 40 drops of essential oils with a little bit of love.  

Must contain: 6 Therapy bombs / ball soap, 1 Loofah, 1 Bath Bag

LOOFAH: allows for a much thicker lather and better rate retention because of its large size and water retaining ribbon.  


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