Don't Panic! Bath Bomb

Don't Panic! Bath Bomb

$ 7.00

This fall season if you don’t understand the meaning of life the universe and everything, don’t take 42 million years to think about it, instead, Don’t Panic. 

Don’t Panic is a limited edition fall Cosset Therapy Bomb.  We have about one hundred available online, and each store has a limited stock as well, so hurry before they are gone.

What makes this Therapy Bomb special is the COPAL ORO.  Don’t Panic is great to use in times of stress.  It has been said to remove energy blockages, strengthening the auric body and alleviating feelings of depression.  It can help you change your perspective and helps link us to our loved ones that have traveled on.  In South America it is often burned during the Day of the Dead to create stronger connections.

We infuse a special Citrus Rosemary Essential oil blend with the Copal Oro.  This is what gives Don’t Panic it’s intoxicating smell. 

Don’t Panic is only available in our Cosset owned stores, or Online.